The orphans we support in Eastern Europe have just come through a long very cold winter and many are still sick. However we were able to provide heating, medicines, vitamins, warm clothes and bedding, as well as minister to their spiritual needs. With your financial help our local teams were able to visit the orphanages regularly to check on their needs and report to me. We are so grateful to the Lord that not one child died during the winter months.

Bless all those who helped us financially for your wonderful help and support. God always remembers and blesses those who help the helpless – the orphans and widows in distress. You have a great “Barnabas” spirit – you are such encouragers. God reward you greatly for the “seeds” you have sown into God’s harvest fields. We do appreciate your concern compassion and generosity.

Please pray for us as we endeavour to provide for the children’s school needs, the older teenage orphans’ work related courses, the summer camps for the Chernobyl orphans, and the renovation of the Mother and Baby Centre for the pregnant teenage mums.