The Orphans’ Camps in Latvia are going well at present with so many needy children coming to Jesus. My local manager, Sasha, and his youth group who run the summer camps are bringing the children into a wonderful relationship with Jesus and then begin to pray for their health and wellbeing. The Chernobyl Orphans’ camps are being conducted right now. We bussed 340 children from southern Belarus and Ukraine to our Latvian camp site. These needy children are experiencing a wonderful touch of God on their health. They battle with radiation diseases and tumors. We have seen some remarkable healings in the past 8 years.

My manager, Sasha, writes this report –

From the first day of the camp his face stood out. He always had a smile on his little face. Early each morning, barely opening his eyes – his face would radiate joy.

We noticed him right a way, not only the smile but because he had never changed his clothes once. Not that he was a dirty boy – he was very clean – always folding his little belongings before his sleep. He had nothing else to wear.

Bogdan was his name. Never asked for anything; never complained. His happy face encouraged us through out the day. Yet, behind this happy smiling face was a story many of us would rather not know. Through all the pains and tears and anguish this little fellow had gone through in his short 9 years he radiated joy.

His life story would take a book to write, but what pierced my heart was his comment just before leaving to go back to southern Belarus. He said: “I am going back to the place I wish not to go. But no longer will I walk alone, I walk with Jesus – He will help me stand!” Hearing these words I thought of many voices throughout the years of ministry, whining and complaining for things that were not even close to the life he was going through. I prayed asking Christ to keep him and protect him.

As we were talking a teenage camp leader came up to him, holding a beautiful blue t-shirt. She simply said ‘Bogdan I got this for you?” His face registered shock. Almost stuttering he said: “For…me…but…why?” She looked at him and said “God wants to give you a gift and bless you”. What happened next I will never forget! Bogdan took a nicely folded t-shirt and looked at it and said “Is this for me? Has anybody used it before?” Uta looked at him and she said “No, Bogdan, I bought it for you and you are the first one to wear it. And I want you to put it on”. The he very gently put the t-shirt back on Uta’s hands and almost whispering he says “Hold on….” He ran a way and came with a plastic bag “Put it in here, please”. Uta looked at him said “I want you to try it on”. He said “Oh no, no I will keep for a very special accession.” He wore his new shirt when the kids were loading the bus to travel back to the orphanage.

God bless you for your kindness. God reward you greatly for the “seeds” you have sown into God’s harvest fields, especially into these young lives. We do appreciate your concern and compassion. We are still some $5,000 short on this camp budget (for food, medications, pictoral Bibles and educational toys) and would appreciate your prayers for this.
The orphans’ camps that we sponsor in Latvia are going well with so many needy children coming to Jesus.

I, Dave left for Latvia in Friday August 7th with a small team. We’ll be ministering in the Latvia & Russian churches, youth groups, on the Radio, in the prisons and the orphanages. I’ll be checking on the orphans’ needs as well – for the start of the school year – their educational needs, the work related courses for the older teenagers to prepare them for the workforce, to try to provide for the next winter cold that starts in October – for heating, warm clothes and blankets, and medicines.

I’d really appreciate your prayers for the needs of the orphans and for our mercy mission.