Ministry in Odessa, Ukraine

I just thought I’d send a quick report to you in respect of the ministry I’ve just had in Ukraine.

The flights were good and no luggage was lost – just a long wait of 5 hours at Kiev airport. The day coming back to UK was equally long with lengthy delays, but the Apostle Paul still had it rougher than we have.

The first day of ministry in Odessa was exhausting but it bore great fruit. On the Saturday I had 6 hours of evangelism training with a large group of Ukrainian Christians that was so well received by many who are new believers. They learn quickly and put things into action immediately.
I had two services at which to minister on Sunday morning to about 1,200 people – so many came to the Lord with many first time decisions. On Sunday night we had a large healing meeting where I was told I prayed for over three hundred people in an hour – individually. You don’t get away with praying for Slavic people en masse. So we had to get them up in groups of 15 at a time to minister to them. In this way it was easy to see how God was touching them and they were receiving so well from Him. They are so hungry for God that they are like “vacuums” just sucking all they can from Him. So many sick and ailing people came up for prayer. It was terrific to see the Holy Spirit in action being drawn in by these people’s deep hunger. There were testimonies from similar meetings I had from two and three years back, of healings and needs met supernaturally, and some immediate testimonies from that meeting. Wow God worked fast.

I checked on the needy orphanages and the Homeless Orphans Centre that has experienced such privations this cold snowy winter. Some of the homeless young men who were not out at work or study came to listen to a time of sharing and encouragement. These orphans are so grateful that their needs are being met in a marvellous way through your wonderful gifts. The plumbing/ sewerage system has been replaced, the electrical system has been replaced and can cope with the usage by the children, Oleg’s van has been repaired and the nourishing food supply is flowing again.
Bless you for your kindness and help.

One young man, Oleg, is studying and operating the church sound system, and another young man, Igor, has joined the army and is studying marine biology. They’ll go far with God in their service. They are a great example to the other orphans in the Centre.
Please pray for them and this vital work.

Please pray for my manager and interpreter, Oleg and his young wife, Tanya. She lost her baby during her pregnancy last year, and is still battling with the hurts and regrets. In spite of this they still minister faithfully, winning the lost to Christ and helping me to lead the care for the nine orphanages.