I trust you are well and enjoying God’s blessings at this time. Thank you for your wonderful prayers, gifts and all the “seeds” of love and compassion that you sow into the needy lives we reach and help, especially the orphans. Bless you so much for your kindness and your wonderful help. We do appreciate you and your faithful prayers.

I’ve just got back from a second visit to Latvia this year. I was there to check on the state of the orphans before the snows increase (it’s snowing already and very cold). I also went to teach 28 hours of lectures on Practical Evangelism at the School of Ministries that we’ve set up in this nation. I have the privilege to be on the board of this very special training center in Jelgava, Latvia where we are preparing students for public and personal ministry in a year long course. Some of the students are older orphans as well as local and foreign young people preparing for ministry. We are sponsoring some of them. I can see them ministering back into their respective orphanages in the near future.

The ministry went so well with the lectures in the School of Ministry as well as the Bible College in the large Word of Truth Church in Riga. I was accompanied by Ryan Ahern who is co pastor of the Staplehurst Evangelical Free Church in Kent UK. We ministered in the orphanages, prisons and to the poor churches and saw many needy people come to the Lord.

We also took in 20 Water Filter Systems for the orphanages we support there. These came heavily discounted from Perfect Water Systems in Queensland, Australia. These superior water filters will improve the orphans’ health as the water is terrible in this nation.

As you know a very concerning issue is the orphans’ schooling. The most remote orphanage on the Russian border has had their neighbouring school closed by the local government. We tried to get a bus company to help with taking the children to a school much further away but this turned out to be too expensive and was not reliable. The orphanage director has had to arrange for accommodation for a number of the children to stay near the school during the week and then come home on the weekends. In addition she has had to arrange “home schooling” for the younger children. So there are costs of accommodation and also for the “teachers fess” at the orphanage. Tough decisions in tough times but God is still good to us and the orphans. We’re still very short for these schooling costs and their study requisites.

Here is an honest appraisal of the situation in Latvia and most of Eastern Europe where we support 46 orphanages.

There was a time during the communist period when the people of Latvia out of need cried out to God for help and he answered. Now we are going again through very, very difficult times with our country virtually bankrupt and many people left trying to survive on a pittance. It’s a time, we hope, when Latvians will again turn their attention to God. Pray the Lord will help the spiritually blind to see, pray for His grace for the people of Latvia and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit at this time. Pray for the government, that God will remove from it the corrupt and selfish and raise up leaders who will care for the poor. Right now the poor are being taxed way too heavily, already insufficient pensions have been reduced, regulations have been introduced to reduce benefits to the poor, hospitals and schools are being closed and a child protection unit has been closed.

Please pray and stand with us as we try to help the orphans, the poor and the widows in this very needy part of the world.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and wonderful support. You have been such a blessing to these needy children in the past. We could not have managed without you. God reward you with harvests of blessings for the seeds you have sown into needy lives.