Fruitful Flight to Beijing

The 13 hours of flying to Beijing was very fruitful. People asked what I was going to do there, which opened many opportunities to share Christ – with the flight service director, flight attendants, and this Singaporean body builder named Lionel.
The city of Beijing is buzzing with excitement over this once in a lifetime event here. It’s hot and humid but this doesn’t seem to detract from the Chinese enthusiasm to make us welcome.

Chaplains Team

Most of the team of 14 arrived over the weekend and attracted attention where ever we went. They came from the USA and Australia and were chosen for their gifting at personal evangelism. I have been placed in charge of them, to give them encouragement, guidance and direction, although they all know how to lead people to Jesus. The leadership have been meeting with a Chinese leader and the pastor of a large church to discuss the strategy for meeting with the athletes at the Pastoral Care Center. We have been planning the great “Meeting with the Olympic Stars” at which Carl Lewis and others will share their faith on August 17th at 2pm. Please pray for this wonderful occasion and for the opportunities to advertise this vital event amongst the athletes to get them to the meeting. The auditorium can seat over 1,500 people.

Beijing Church

Sunday saw the whole team at the big Haidian Church. I was so blessed to see so many Chinese young people worshipping the Lord with a great enthusiasm. The worship time was very simple but so powerful. We were welcomed with such sincerity. In fact everyone wanted to get in the photos with us. They were incredibly friendly and were thrilled that we’d made the effort to come to their country to share Jesus. There were many foreigners in the service.

Into the Highways and Byways

Monday was the first day we were out on the streets looking for athletes to reach and local people with whom to share Jesus. The city was covered with smog that hurt one’s eyes but that didn’t deter the people out to enjoy the Olympic sights. We split up into smaller groups and went to different key areas of the city.

It was so easy to get people’s attention. The Lord really anointed us to minister to people, and a one on one situation very quickly drew a crowd. I would find someone like a volunteer who wanted to talk and get my autograph and soon a crowd of them came over to listen. Their curiosity and hunger was very touching.

In front of the Olympic Aquatic Center we met a group of Volunteer Cleaning staff (who clean the Olympians rooms and handle the worst of the Olympian’s mess). They were so touched that we were paying them attention and hung on every word. They came to Jesus so easily. The day went on like this with so many divine encounters.

I even tried my hand at a bit of shot put with a weigh lifting side show outside the Olympic Park. I competed with shot put a lot when I was younger. This attracted more laughter than attention.

Reaching the Future Leaders

One of the very precious encounters took place when we needed some guidance and couldn’t find anyone to speak English. A young man named Eric stepped forward and offered his assistance. He turned out a real marvel with interpretation and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with us. We all shared our
personal testimonies with him that resulted in Eric receiving Jesus into his life. He was so cute when he said to one of the guys, that we were now brothers. We all ministered to Eric around a meal and through the evening. God knows what He is going to make of Eric’s life.