I’m just home from Sydney and the World Masters Games went well. Just thought I’d send you a follow up report. In the long line waiting for over five hours for Registration, I managed to put the time to good use by sharing Jesus with a Malaysian badminton player, a younger Australian swimmer, members of a USA women’s soccer team and a New Zealand netball team. During the three hour wait at the marshalling of athletes for the Opening Ceremony, I put the time to good use and was able to share the Good News with Lebanese weightlifters, some of the volunteer staff, other swimmers, USA shooters, and an Australian men’s soccer team.

The Games opening ceremony was long, tiring and a bit stretched out – with 30,000 athletes. However I was able to share the Lord with so many needy people and had the privilege of leading many to Jesus. That’s what this is all about.

Some of the athletes included an 85 year old fellow competitor who he met on the board walk leaving the pool who gave his life to Jesus Christ after some one to one evangelism in the change room.

Another was a fellow swimmer while chatting at the pool after the event, congratulating him on his swim. This man gave his life to Jesus Christ too. At the coffee shop in the Aquatic Centre I met and shared Jesus with three Ukranian athletes who smiled at my attempt to share the gospel in Russian.

I had a really delightful time talking with the great Murray Rose and thanking him for the encouragement he was to me in my early swimming years in South Africa. We were both close to tears as I thanked him for the blessing he had been to me.

My prayer to the Lord was simple. Allow me to meet the people who are ready to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and on each occasion, they were ready. These people listened with intent and sought out the Salvation Jesus Christ offers.

I had the privilege of being the catalyst or the vehicle through which the Holy Spirit revealed Himself in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ. The World Masters Games for me was indeed trying my best to win in swimming, but a far greater prize was being the conduit through which many, many came to Christ,
World Masters Games have come to an end and many souls have come to Jesus. Here are some of the photos of the individuals and teams who have come to the Lord. There were many others that I shared Jesus with. It really paid to be able share in Russian with the Ukrainians who couldn’t speak English.

I swam the 200m on Tuesday and didn’t do too badly. This is for an imperishable reward. I swam the 100mThursday and did much better. In both the 200m and 100m I reduced my times by 7 seconds and 6 seconds respectively, but still rather slow. God is good. I swam the 50m the next day and cut 4 seconds off my time.

Margurita began speaking to a lovely lady sitting next to her at the swimming arena and found her to be a 72 year old champion. She won a gold and two silver medals. We had a great time sharing with her. We’re going to visit her and follow her up.

Orphans’ schooling

Another issue that is greatly on my heart at present is need the orphans have. I’m so concerned about the orphans’ schooling. We’ve been so short financially with all the giving to the orphanages for the finishing of the Mother and Baby Centre, the financial backlog of the Chernobyl Orphans camps, and trying to prepare for the winter snows coming up with the heating bills etc. I haven’t had enough for the schooling expenses even though the school year has been underway a few weeks already. We need about $5,000 very soon to meet the needs for school requisites, books and craft materials. Please pray and stand with us on that issue.

Thank you so much for your prayers.