Fruitful Time in UK

Unusual Ministry in Scotland

It was a joy to minister to the enthusiastic congregation of the Dundee Full Gospel AOG Church. The weather was cold but the fellowship and the ministry was warm and six people came to the Lord. On the Sunday evening the service was turned into a studio where Pastor Des Gurr interviewed me about my relationship with Jesus and then invited the people to ask questions. What a refreshing time together

Joyful Ministry in England

I had some precious ministry in the great A10 Mission Church in Hertfordshire pastored by Colin and Teresa Marks. They are wonderful friends and very passionate for the Lord and for missions. It’s always a thrill to minister to them. They can take any challenge from the Word that you give them.. Just before the meeting I went with Pastor Colin Marks to visit Wally Perryment, a 92 year old boxer and great boxing trainer of past years. We had a great time reminiscing about boxers of the past but when I asked him if he had a relationship with Jesus, he replied, “Absolutely. I couldn’t manage without Him”.

I enjoyed a wonderful Sunday morning service with the Tree of Life Fellowship in Gloucester where God blessed us tremendously. I was very privileged to be the speaker at a special Saturday breakfast for the Bognor Regis Baptist Church, and share my experiences at the Beijing Olympics. Many were encouraged and challenged to be bolder witnesses for Christ.
The next day I enjoyed ministering at the Staplehurst Evangelical Free Church at a great Sunday service.

At the Deal Pentecostal Church in Deal Kent (near Dover) I had a great Sunday morning with these precious people led by Pastors Paul and Margaret Fermor. The Holy Spirit

moved very powerfully and a number of needy people were deeply touched by the Lord.

The Business Mens Fellowship Outreach Dinner in Wigan, near Manchester, was a wonderful time of fellowship, with Allan Jones and his son Stuart, as well as outreach to the business community. The Mayor of the city of Wigan attended the function in his official capacity. He and his assistant sat directly in front of me as I shared my testimony. He was not well and was having serious surgery in a few weeks time. It was a joy to lay hands on him and pray for God’s healing and strengthening touch on his life. The time was very fruitful with four people coming to the Lord and many hurting lives touched by God’s healing power.

Last weekend in May I flew to Glasgow for a great Business Mens Fellowship Outreach Dinner in Motherwell led by Ricki Hutchison. God moved in a very sweet way on these people and a number of men came to the Lord. Peter Wallace from Canterbury accompanied me and blessed the people with his guitar playing and singing a few Russian songs. My good friends Donald MacNeillie and Michael & Ginty McKirdy came over to help us in a marvellous way.

Following that The Kilsyth Community Church hosted a wonderful weekend of ministry. Pastor Mark Fleming gave me free reign in the church at a Saturday Men’s Breakfast where these strong men were challenged to be God’s men in every way. An unscheduled youth prayer meeting on Saturday night was an amazing place to be in God’s presence. The two Sunday services were precious with people coming to the Lord.

Glorious USA Ministry

I started off in Hingham near Boston with a stop over with some dear friends, Ron & Terri Golding. We had a wonderful “Healing Meeting” in their home which was a huge blessing. It was wonderful to see the Holy Spirit refresh many tired and discouraged people. This place has been an oasis of blessing and healing for decades where so many have found the Lord and been touched by His power. What a time of refreshing in God’s presence.

I spent a delightful week in Illinois south of Chicago. My hosts in Bloomington, Steve and Janet Eddington were very gracious. They drove me the hour long journey south to Urbana/Champaign for a great Sunday morning service at the Harvest Church with Pastors Jon and Debbie Callahan. God’s healing presence there was very special. Twelve needy ladies came out for prayer for various needs and saw God touch their lives very deeply.

We had a very special dinner meeting in the Eddington’s home catered for by a professional chef. What great food, fellowship and encouragement. During the week the House of Prayer joined with Women Aglow for a very special meeting at the Jesus House Coffee Lounge. What a delightful cross section of hungry people gathered to hear the Word and be challenged. That was fun.

On the Monday night we had a wonderful dinner meeting in Ogden, Illinois (a little town just off Interstate 74) in an old diner that looked like it came out of the Smoky Mountains of Kentucky – the Lincoln Restaurant. My friends, Ken and Pam Cooley, arranged for friends in the area to get together for a meal and time of sharing. The fellowship with these kind friends was precious. I showed

them through a power point presentation how God had answered their prayers for us over the last year, how the orphanages in Eastern Europe were doing after the very cold winter and how many deprived people had come to the Lord in many needy places.

Then I had a great week at the New Jerusalem Christian Church in Bordentown, New Jersey (near Philadelphia) with Pastors Doug Linser and Larry House, starting with their exciting Sunday morning service. During the week we had a very encouraging meeting with the men and the next night with the ladies. There was a wonderful youth meeting on the Friday night where some of the youth had brought their unchurched friends – well done to them for their concern. They were impacted with the fact that a teenager could have a relationship with God through Jesus and also have fun in serving Him.

Towards the end of the ministry in the USA I was hosted over the Memorial Holiday weekend by Pastor Donnie Lackey at the Cross Community Church in Romeo, Michigan. This great church was hungry to learn how to minister with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and to win the lost to Christ.

The final weekend was in Waterford, near Detroit, where the Base Church Pastored by Lyall Mercer hosted a wonderful series of meetings to introduce and equip the people in using the gifts of the Holy Spirit as well as to win family and friends to the Lord. The final Sunday morning meeting had a special mission’s emphasis where I shared the ministry and support we have to 38 orphanages in Eastern Europe as well as the Mission to the athletes at the Olympics and Paralympics. This was their first introduction to foreign missions. Many were very impacted by God’s compassion for the orphans, the widows and the needy.