Our Motivation ~ Deuteronomy 24:19

“When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the poor, the orphan, and the widow, so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.”

Deuteronomy 24:19 has an instruction from God that is followed by a blessing. You have been such a blessing to many hundreds of needy orphans, homeless children and destitute people in the Odessa province over the past 6 months. During this time of worldwide crisis, the temptation is to preserve ourselves at the neglect of others in need. But you have done the opposite. You gave sacrificially to help so many needy youngsters and poor families survive, be kept in health and come into a relationship with Jesus. Institutions in the Odessa province like the Child Protection Services, the Disadvantaged Baby Orphanage and the Children’s Cancer Hospital are astounded that people in other countries have noticed them in their extreme need and are doing their best and even sacrificing to help and preserve them.

I want to personally compliment you and pray upon you, the blessing of God according to Deuteronomy 24:19.

Sincere blessings,
Dave & Margurita
“The love of Christ compels us”

God’s Divine Protection

It is wonderful that God has protected the orphans and destitute families that we have reached and helped in the Odessa province over the last six months. Out of 6,500 children and poor people our local teams have reached and helped, there was not been one positive COVID-19 report. Ukraine has had the same outbreaks of the coronavirus as other European nations, but God seems to have his protecting hand over this region. This divine protection has got the attention of the governor of the Odessa province. Peter Emelyanov, our manager and director of the House of Hope (the Homeless Children’s Centre) was invited to a Medical and Child Protection Services Conference because of our support for the Brain Damaged Bay Orphanage and the Children’s Cancer Hospital. The governor of the Odessa province gave Peter a recognition because of the wonderful work our local teams are doing for the needy children. He gave Peter a wonderful certificate of commendation, and said he wants to meet me on my next visit to Odessa. This is not quite my style because I would rather stay under the radar, and let my local teams get the credit – and all the glory goes to Jesus. On my next visit to Odessa, after the lockdown lifts, I will meet with this man and trust God for an opportunity to lead him to Christ.

Odessa Province Children Back to School

As you know, we were asked by the Odessa Child Protection Services, to provide school requisites for 200 (we’ve actually helped 350 in all) very poor children for going back to school as the schools have just reopened. They’ve opened for lessons but not boarding accommodation. We have just paid out a lot of money to help these needy children with the next phase of their education which they have had to do without for 5 months. Thank you for helping us meet these needs.

Teachers are thrilled to be back with new school supplies and study requisites to work with. It’s so precious to see these children full of joy at the thought that they are going back to school prepared with such good quality study materials. I know of many instances in the past where the frustrated teachers have severely criticized and screamed at the orphans and poor kids for not having the right study materials (which the kids have been expected to provide for themselves). I never again want to see a child demoralised like that.
The senior students are back to finish their final year and then do a work-related course that we trust will prepare them for a job and a career.