David Smethurst is a gifted teacher and evangelist who dynamically uses these skills through Gods’ favour equipping Christians in Evangelism, ministering to the hurting and wounded and winning many to the Lord Jesus. He has been invited into many churches & seminaries of all denominations, schools, youth groups, prisons, orphanages and business colleges. You can buy some of the Ministries resources such as the videos based on the “Equipped to Go”, “Healing the Home” or “Marriage at its Best” seminars from our Resource Center.

Or maybe you would like to plan to have David Smethurst visit your group and make a live presentation. The following is an overview of his most popular seminars:

Marriage at its Best

Marriage is the ultimate friendship. What a powerful team husband and wife can be in Christ’s service. When it happens it is a great example to their children, a great witness to the community and a wonderful refuge. The seminar covers such areas as “The best friendship on earth, effective parenting, healing the hurts, a healthy personal and family life and sex at its best!
The seminar is completed over 3 sessions.

Healing the Home

This 3 session seminar shows how we need to know how to build, protect and heal our homes when they are falling apart. Issues such as healing the family, building the right foundation, creating a home, heaven on earth, children – fun or frenzy and how to win family members to Christ particularly when it is difficult to talk to them.

Winning over Stress

Stress the disease of our time. Circumstances, society are changing so rapidly around us, that people are stretched to the limit. We have to learn how to do more than just survive this “wearing” down process in order to live a good quality of life as God intended. As the seminar proceeds you will see how to overcome distress in your life, win over worry and anxiety, claim victory over guilt, regret, anger (even in a sexual context). Then you will be able to cope with the distress of success and wealth and how to have God trust you with more.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Learn how the Holy Spirit desires to use His gifts through us to edify the Body and win the lost to Christ. You will hear how to release the Spirit and on getting to know the Spirit and His gifts that He wants to use through us. An empowering seminar of 3 sessions

Equipped to Go…….. into the Harvest

A great seminar that will lead you to be a persuasive witness, an expert fisherman and how to recognise and use opportunities to witness.

From Loss to Recovery

A very encouraging seminar that will help you to see and adopt God’s practical strategy on how to work with him to recover anything you’ve lost – and more. This comes from God’s character which is to do for us in His will, exceeding abundantly more than we can ask or think!

Destiny – Fulfilling Your Dream

This series is designed to help people recognise what God has destined them to be on this earth and how to recognise the “trail signs” He has placed in each of us which will help guide us into His plan for our lives. The happiest people on earth are thos ewho know Jesus and are doing what God has destined them to be doing in His service. This is a great healer for those who have failed God and others, and think God won’t ever trust them again. It will show that God still has faith in them.

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