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Overview report on the work in Odessa Oblast

Report from Sasha Kohen our manager in Europe: For many long months the attention of the world was focused on the plague named COVID-19. Country by country, like a falling domino house, went into the lockdown, sealing the borders, cancelling travel, closing schools and dramatically slowing down economies. No one could have imagined such drastic [...]

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Odessa Rescue Mission 2 – June, July & August 2020

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity over the last three months. Our local Rescue Teams in Odessa have visited 145 country villages in the Odessa Province and reached over 4,675 needy children who were evicted from their Orphanage Boarding Schools in the Covid-19 quarantine lockdown. This was more than 4,000 orphans than [...]

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House of Hope Building work continues during the Odessa Rescue Mission

We’ve been sending spare funds to for the construction work on the House of Hope. In between the Rescue Missions every day, Valera, our strong-man and builder, and the older boys, have progressed wonderfully on meagre funds to get as far as the roof construction and pouring concrete (pumped up from the concrete mixer [...]

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Thank you….

Thank you... ...... all for your wonderful gifts and prayers for the Orphans and Homeless Children in Odessa at this critical time. You are such a blessing to hundreds of needy children and derelict families in their need. God bless you immensely. In 28 years of supporting Orphans in Eastern Europe I’ve never seen the level of gratitude that [...]

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Homeless Kids Soccer Team & New Opportunity

Odessa Homeless Kids Soccer Club In April 2017, Sasha, my Russian manager, and I were in Kiev doing outreach seminars to the Rugby Chaplains and the Ivan Bogun Military Academy for teenage orphans of fallen Ukrainian soldiers. Then we went to Odessa to do some Evangelism Equipping seminars in a small local church. At that time Peter E....., our [...]

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Update from Odessa, Ukraine

In mid-March we were very busy supplying the orphanages and the children’s hospitals which we support in Eastern Europe, with supplies of medicines and hygiene products – The Brain-Damaged Baby Orphanage The Children’s Cancer Hospital in Odessa The Teenage Boys Prison and trying to get the Extensions finished at the House of Hope That was taking a lot [...]

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