Thank you for your wonderful support for the orphans, the homeless children, the destitute families, and the poor elderly people of the Odessa Province of Ukraine.
We are so encouraged by your generosity for these needy children and poor people who are coming to Jesus every day as a result of our rescue missions.

Rescue Missions

Bibles packed and ready to goThe Rescue Missions are still forging ahead each day, and our local teams have returned with glowing reports the eight local villages and an “Orphans Boarding School” where 250 survival packs or food, and hygiene products were given needy orphans, needy families, and destitute elderly people. In addition, we were able to help the orphan’s boarding school to reopen by suppling the children with school bags and study requisites.

a young family that was reachedWithin the last 18 months of the Covid 19 pandemic, our local teams in the Odessa province have travelled over 60,000 kms around the Odessa province to 458 villages.

one  of the elderly that we reachedThey have reached over 12,000 needy children and hundreds of destitute elderly people. They have provided survival food and hygiene products for over 5,000 Destitute families, and also provided children, teenagers and adults with over 11,000 Russian & Ukrainian picture Bibles and have prayed with over 11,000 children and adults to receive Jesus.

Our local teams are visiting these villages 4 to 5 days per week on further rescue missions and follow-up work.

House of Hope ~ New Children

a new entrant to HoHThere are seven new homeless children just being admitted into the House of Hope – they will be squeezed in, while the extensions are being completed. They are “new campers” in the House, and not roughing it out in the dangerous places anymore.
These 7 children’s paperwork and documents have all been processed, so we couldn’t leave them out in impoverished and dangerous situations. They have had unimaginable things happen to them and are carrying all sorts of “ugly baggage”. They have or are in the process of committing their young lives to Jesus. We’re praying for (and contacting) married couples who are expert child counsellors to come on board to help these children.

Cost for each child coming into the House of Hope:

  • – bed $ 150.00
  • – mattress $ 55.00
  • – pillows $ 15.00
  • – bedding $ 78.00
  • – towels $ 28.00
  • – cabinet $ 107.00
  • – bedside table $ 40.00
  • – chair $ 20.00
  • – curtains $ 28.00
  • – dishes $ 4.00
  • – iron $ 25.00

This brings a cost per child of $ 580.00, that is $ 4,060 for the seven ( some of the above costs are shared costs for furnishing the room they occupy eg curtains.)
Then of course there are the additional costs for food etc.
There will be space for approximately 100 Children in the new block
Please help us to reach and rescue more needy children, destitute families, and elderly people.

House of Hope Building Works

ready for paintingand another for paintingThe new rooms are ready for painting & tiling in all 4 floors

As you can see, the building work is surging ahead with the interior work on the House of Hope.

The 16 builders and our local team leaders send greetings and gratitude – 6 are missing from the photo below as they couldn’t leave the work because the floor sealant needed their full attention. We are still in need of support to pay their wages for August, September & October – please pray with us for that need.

Thank you for your wonderful support that will enable us to shelter and care for many more needy children.
Please stand with us in prayer and support as we race towards the completion of the new extensions to the House of Hope, hopefully by the end of October.

Love and blessings,
                     Dave & Margurita
“The love of Christ compels us.”